Harris BudgetAddressV2

SPRINGFIELD – State Senator Napoleon Harris (D-Harvey) released the following statement after hearing the governor’s proposal for the Fiscal Year 2024 budget:

“Illinois has worked diligently for years to revitalize our communities – which includes welcoming businesses from other states that will in turn spur job creation and economic growth. Investing in small businesses uplifts entrepreneurs and funnels funding back into our communities.”

“Ensuring that equitable opportunities are in place for minority owned businesses is necessary for the revitalization of underserved communities. As a small business owner I understand the significant value we add to society by being a local resource to our neighboring residents and how difficult it can be to recover from the residual effects of the pandemic. These proposals will not only increase employment, but will enable us to further support and build the backbone of our economy.”

“I am hopeful with the job creation and workforce development plans outlined by the governor, and look forward to ongoing negotiations in the months to come.”