Harris041119DOLTON- State Senator Napoleon Harris, III (D-Harvey) released the following statement on theNFL using raceas a category to judge whether ex-players should be paid for head injury claims Wednesday.

"It's sickening that the National Football League uses race to determine concussion settlements. Black players who sustained injuries while playing deserve the same support as white players. This is further proof the NFL does not care about players' livelihoods after their football career is finished – but rather only when they can help the league.

“Nearly 70% of the league’s players are Black, yet a system has been created that holds Black players and white players to different standards.In other professions, distinctions based on race rise to the level of constitutional violations, so whyis it ok for the NFL to put players in different groups based on race?

"The NFL needs to be advised on equality, and these players continue to advocate for long-term benefits after retirement. If current players do not get on top of this now, it will be a continuous cycle abused by the NFL.”

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03042020HAO1612DOLTON - As winter weather continues to reach freezing temperatures, State Senator Napoleon Harris, III (D-Harvey) reminds homeowners to check their home heating and alarm devices to make sure they are still functioning properly. 

“A proper home inspection is critical in ensuring your home is equipped with the quality heating it needs to fight off the coldness of our winter season,” Harris said. “However, it is also important to check your furnace, furnace filter and smoke detectors to ensure your family is safe from potential fires.” 

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03202019CM0613DOLTON – As small businesses continue to suffer from the national health crisis, State Senator Napoleon Harris (D-Harvey) is honored to announces that a combined 86 local businesses were awarded over a million dollars during the second round of the Business Interruption Grant program. 

“Small businesses play an important role in supporting their local communities but have had a time tough time staying relevant amongst this pandemic,” Harris said. “Many of these businesses have little cash on hand or resources to buffer even with a minor financial infraction, so it’s vital that we provide them with the financial assistance to continue to bolster our local economies.” 

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02252020CM0221SPRINGFIELD – As systemic racism continues to be a barrier to economic advancement for people of color in Illinois and across the country, State Senator Napoleon Harris III (D-Harvey) is backing legislation that moves the Illinois economy forward by ensuring economic access, equity and opportunity for all.

“For far too long, Black people haven’t had access to the same opportunities to start careers and grow their businesses as a result of systemic racism,” Harris said. “In order to eliminate those barriers, we had to build new policies from the ground up.”

In order to eliminate historical economic disparities, the Senate passed a series of bills that addresses the third pillar of the Illinois Legislative Black Caucus’ anti-racism agenda—economic access, equity and opportunity—which is made up of nine parts:

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