03202019CM0613MARKHAM -- The Illinois Secretary of State has extended vehicle registration expiration dates by at least 90 days, but to ensure all motorists can renew their vehicle registrations before this deadline, State Senator Napoleon Harris (D-Harvey) announced  the reopening of the vehicle emissions testing center in Markham. 

“With the Illinois Secretary of State resuming services, people have to get emissions tests on their vehicles,” Harris said. “I want the South Suburbs to be able to do their part in protecting the environment, and that will only happen if they can access a testing site near them.”

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p harrisDOLTON – In response to the murders of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and Breonna Taylor, State Senator Napoleon Harris, III (D-Harvey) released the following statement:

May 25, 2020 will forever be a day engrained in the hearts and minds of millions of Americans. From Central Park to Minneapolis, multimedia and social networks confirmed to the world the fears and omnipresent terror that have been steadfast companions to Black America’s 150-year journey through ‘Freedom in America.

My grandfather, Bishop Napoleon Bill Harris Sr. served this country in the United States Air Force and was told he was expendable. However, while home from duty he was subjected to racial discrimination. He took action. He decided to take a stand and join the fight for civil and human rights. He was a part of the civil rights movement and was destined to create better conditions for his children, grandchildren, and future generations. I’ve learned from my grandfather that when injustice happens, action is required. As a young black man, father, husband, son, and legislator, I feel the pain and hurt of this generation and the African American community. 

The young people of America have mobilized in unified outrage and it is time we acknowledged their cries. It is time we acknowledged the humanity and grievances of African-Americans throughout this country. We must not dishonor the tragic murder of George Floyd with empty rhetoric, inaction and mendacious critique of the outraged. Whether it be Jim Crow, disenfranchisement, disinvestment, miseducation, red-lining, mass-incarceration or the infamous ‘War on Drugs,’ institutional racism has systematically infected every aspect of our society. 

In order to cure this infection, leaders must provide real hope and opportunity to the marginalized. As citizens we must vote. And even more, we must hold our leaders and elected officials accountable. It is time we accept nothing short of tangible change. Policy or legislation will not root out the evil of racism. But it is a start and a charge I intend to lead. I sincerely look forward to working with you as we craft our plan. Prayers to the family of George Floyd and all the victims and families that have been affected by racial discrimination. We are with you both in thought and prayer and you will not be forgotten.”

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27102019CM0168DOLTON – The COVID-19 testing facility in Markham will be moved to South Suburban College in South Holland, State Senator Napoleon Harris III (D-Dolton) announced Friday.

“It’s imperative that we keep testing available for the communities of the South Suburbs,” Harris said. “I am happy these COVID-19 testing services will continue be available and accessible to the residents who need it the most.”

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29102019CM0717SPRINGFIELD –To ensure all Medicaid recipients life-threatening diseases are covered, State Senator Napoleon Harris, III supported a measure to permit all life-saving clinical trials to treat cancer and other serious diseases to be covered under Medicaid benefits.

Medicaid provides comprehensive coverage and financial protection for many working families in Illinois,” Harris (D-Harvey) said. Many of these workers have a low-income and deserve healthcare benefits that covers any illnesses that may appear.”

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